By Rotimi Agbana

Two times AMVCA winner, rapper, actor and comedian, Folarin Falana, aka FalzThe BadGuy, has finally revealed what his white beards mean to him.

Folarin Falana, popularly known as Falz

The 27-year-old Lawyer turned musician told Showtime in a chat that he is very comfortable having white beards at a very young age because to him the beards are a symbol of wisdom. “I’m very comfortable with my white beards because it’s a symbol of wisdom”, he said.

Speaking about being the only Nigerian artiste cum actor to have won the coveted AMVCA plaque twice, he explained how passionate he is about both music-making craft and acting.

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“I’m passionate about film-making as I am about music. So I’m constantly working to put more effort in that regard. It is also the work of the Almighty God. It’s not my power or might. It’s the blessing of the Almighty. I’m going to keep doing stuff on both ends.

Next year I’m planning on putting out my own feature film as well”, he said. He went further to correct the impression that he is biting more than he can chew by combining music, acting and comedy.

“I have been able to chew and swallow music, acting and comedy. So far, everything that I have been biting so nothing has fallen out of my mouth. If anything falls out of my mouth then maybe I will stop biting it. But for now am biting, chewing and swallowing very well.”


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